Currently available For Rent



1Do you have a Rental Application Form?
Yes, our Official Documents are Available for you to Download at the Top of our webpages under: About>Documentation.
2Do you have Credit or Debit Card facilities at your Office?
No, you will need to Pay either by Cash, Bank Cheque or Direct Funds Transfer to our Metropolitan Estates Pty Ltd Trust Account.
No cash is stored on the premises and change cannot be given. A Receipt will be provided to you for Payments made in our Office.
Payments made with your preferred Banking Institution are your Responsibility, and you will need to request a Bank Receipt with the correct Reference (as your record) when you have transferred funds to our Metropolitan Estates Pty Ltd Trust Account.

Applicants must first Inspect our available Properties prior to choosing to Apply.

We encourage you to read, understand and make your own decisions well before signing any form. Please keep in mind we abide by current Legislation and are instructed by our contracted Clients, which are often not the same as our own views. Applicant requests must be in writing, signed, dated and lodged to our Office.

If you are in doubt, please seek Legal advice about rights and obligations under a Residential Tenancy Agreement.